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Suggestions for Dad's application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Wonderland_1010, May 18, 2018.

  1. Hi guys

    I am planning to submit a Visa application for my father as his current Visa will expire in July 2018.

    I'm looking for suggestions as his situation before when he first applied for a Visa is very different to now. He used to own a business but now is retired.

    He is a Fijian Passport Holder and is currently living in China on a foreign Resident Permit which is valid for 5 years and is renewable. He doesn't have any properties under his name and is living in a house owned by my mother.

    He has strong financial stability with bank accounts worth over $100k CAD but is unemployed. He hasn't travelled a lot except to home country and China.

    Documents I'm submitting along with the CIC general forms are:

    Bank Statements
    Invitation letter for 2 weeks
    All Visa stamps including Canadian and US
    Marriage Certificate
    Birth Certificate
    My PR card

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. I am in the same boat
  3. A few questions (although I do recollect your mom/dad's case):
    1. When does his China Resident Permit expire?

    2. If I may ask: Why is he living in China? What evidence can he prove for the purpose of his stay in China?

    3. Does your mom live in China now?

    4. Would your mom travel with him? If that's not the case, what evidence can she submit to prove that she will remain in Fiji/China? I think she has a TRV, right?

    5. What is the purpose of your dad's visit?

    6. Does your dad have a valid US visa? Does he need to visit the US as well?

    7. Maybe a super visa instead of a TRV? BTW his family ties to Canada will be much stronger than before for this application
  4. 1. His resident permit will expire in 2023 and was given to him based on the purpose of family reunion.

    2. He was born in China but hasn't returned in 23 years so he just want to spend time with his brothers and family.

    3. Yes my mum and dad are living together.

    4. My mum will accompany my dad to Canada for sure.

    5. My dad want to visit Canada in October for 2 weeks and in the same time celebrate Thanks Giving with me and my brother.

    6. Yes he does have a valid US Visa but will expire at the same time as his Canadian Visa.

    7. I was thinking of applying for a Super Visa but he doesn't want to live in Canada for 2 years. He just wants to visit for a few weeks and return back which defeats the purpose of a Super Visa.
  5. Did he visit Canada on the current TRV?
  6. No he hasn't.
  7. Would a super Visa be a better option? I do meet the LICO but in my opinion the only issue with his application is lack of home ties and the fact that he's living in a country that he doesnt have no citizenship anymore (China doesn't allow dual citizenship). I mean he can obtain Chinese Citizenship if he gives up his Fijian Citizenship but for the purpose of obtaining a Canadian Visa? I dont think so.
  8. IMO, it's going to be challenging for his TRV this time on these grounds:
    1. Family ties in Canada and in the country of residence
    2. Immigration status
    3. Purpose of visit
    4. Employment prospects, and
    5. Travel History

    1. He is not employed/does not manage a business
    2. Temporary immigration status in China (but, his long-term China Resident Permit does help to establish ties to China to some extent)
    3. Your mom will travel with him
    4. Family ties are inclined towards Canada this time
    5. He has not traveled on his current TRV (to demonstrate a travel history of short visits to Canada/other countries). I'm guessing he has not traveled to the US too

    His chances could improve:
    1. If your mom proves that she will remain in China/she won't travel with him
    2. He must submit a 'My Strong Family ties in China' explanation that would include his immediate and extended family
    3. He must include at least 2-3 must-return-by-a-specific-date events in China + maybe some local/international travel that's scheduled after his Canada visit
    4. Get a new US visa and include a visit to the US after his Canada visit
    5. Does he represent your mom/anyone for any matter?
    6. Is he a member of a social/volunteer/charity/religious group?
  9. How do I prove that my mum won't travel with him? Because my mum is practically the same situation as him but has strong travel history including a visit to Canada. And no he doesn't belong to any groups socially or religiously.

    So in the end of it, it would be hard to get a approved Visa after all.
  10. Maybe she has some reason that won't allow her to travel with your dad? You'll need to think of a suitable reason and include evidence

    It is challenging this time. But, if you prepare the paperwork well, he might just get lucky. Don't give up before you've started :)
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  12. @Bryanna

    Hi Bryanna! Just wanted to let you know that I applied online for my dad's application last Tuesday and it just got approved today. I got the passport request just now!

    I was really worried about refusals but it all worked now. All I showed was financials, Visa stamps and Visa Permits and lastly strong explanation letter of why he's applying from China instead of country of citizenship Fiji and why he's won't overstay his Visa.

    But anyways thank you for your advice! Will be flying to see my parents tomorrow after so long!!
  13. That's absolutely fantastic. Glad it worked out well. Your dad's case was quite challenging.

    Have a wonderful time with your parents :)
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