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Success Story (Visa after 2 refusals)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by sandhu_17, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    Today I want to share my journey of finally getting visa after 2 refusals
    First of all my timeline
    24 Oct - Application filed(SDS) India
    1 Nov - Bio metrics given
    6 Nov - Bio metrics updated
    7 Nov - PPR

    My Background
    10th - 8.0 CG-PA
    12th - 84%(2014)

    Applied for September 2014 and January 2015 in SPP refused on the grounds of-
    -Insufficient funds
    -Personal assets

    I started graduation thereafter
    B.tech(CS) - 8.25 CG PA(2015-2019)
    Gap of 1 year after 12th

    Tried to get admission in Universities, Carleton- refused, Windsor- deferred, Laurentian- deferred, Guelph- pending
    Then i applied in Colleges, got 3 offer letters in Lambton, Fleming, Conestoga (did just to bide time as i wanted to go to uni)

    Finally applied in Conestoga College (Enterprise Content Management)
    IELTS - 7.5
    1 year fee paid - 15,916CAD
    GIC - 10,200CAD
    All educational documents
    Medical Upfront
    Income certificate 11.5 lac/annum
    Bank certificate 5.75lac
    CA report
    SOP(Spent alot of time here)

    Best wishes to all of you. Kindly let me know if I can be of any help. I'll be happy to assist you best of my knowledge
  2. Congratulation bro. my visa got refused twice and now I am planning to apply for a university in may. it will be helpful if you can send your sop to rajjoel14@gmail.com
  3. i need your help bro..
    i too have gap of 1 year after 12
    and i need to know how to write SOP..
  4. i’ll mail it to you
  5. send your mail id.. i’ll forward mine
  6. please forwad sop on my mail id i'd got rejection
    mail id: dbsdipen@gmail.com
  7. hi im glad that you didnt give up and fibally got it approved. Is it ok if you can help me by sending your so
  9. hi im glad that you didnt give up and fibally got it approved. Is it ok if you can help me by sending your sop. I already got refused once here’s my email address joann1990@yahoo.com please and thank you
  10. Hello guys!

    I've noticed 99% of visa refusal is because the SOP isn't good or convincing enough, so I'm sharing with you a guide on how to make a good SOP:
    • Introduction: Applicant's background and brief family description
    • Educational background and working experience
    • Interest in the field chosen and reason to study abroad
    • Immediate and long term goals
    • Reasons for deciding to pursue education in Canada and at a particular institution
    • Who will support your studies financially, your relationship to them and reason
    • Ties you have to your home country as your reason to comeback
    • Benefit of Canadian diploma or certificate in your future career
    It should be in a letter format addressed to the visa officer. At least 2-3 pages, it must be direct to the point, objective and factual SOP.

    • Include at least 10 job prospects (just search online and print screen) with your application to assure the VO that you have lots of job opportunities in your home country once you go back and it must be related to the program that you have chosen to study in Canada.
    • Never mention or hint in your SOP that you'll be staying in Canada after your study or seek employment there even if you're planning to do so. You have to convince the VO that your sole purpose of going to Canada is to just study.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
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  11. Justify ur gap with valid reasons. That's it.!
  12. Thank you
  13. Can you please send me your SOP on radhikap754@gmail. Com
    As I got refusal on my file and want to reapply

    Thank you

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