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Success Stories...

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by theguv, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. How about a thread of people who have been successful in business immigration?

    Post your Timeline, Stream and how long you've been in Canada.

    It could be good to keep people who are trying motivated to continue hearing that it can be done...
  2. I don't have a success story. But, I have a Strange story !
    Let me explain step to step.

    - I submitted my expression of interest for BC-PNP Entrepreneur stream by paying $300
    - After few days I Got my final score.
    - After a month I Got an Invitation to apply (ITA) with a complete application package to submit within 4 Months.
    - Part of the program was to obtain a net-worth report from the qualified supplier. Paid charges around $4000 for that.
    - Finally submitted my application before the deadline. Paid application fee $3500.
    - After around 6 Months I got a letter to attend in-person interview at BC-PNP offices located in Vancouver.

    Now, the very strange "End of the Story" is.. My TRV application to attend interview at BC-PNP office located in Vancouver was refused by Canada visa office on the grounds.. "PURPOSE OF VISIT"


    One Canadian office says.. Come for the Interview.
    Another Canadian office says.. You purpose is not true.


    I don't think they care for anything.
  3. What??? You need to reapply immediately.

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