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Submiting multiple documents and problems

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by LoverCat91, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. I officially found out that the reason for why I had to submit certain documents all over again is because the system can only accept one document at a time, so I submitted everything on a multiple PDF document. But for other pieces of information like finances I unfortunately didn't submit it on a multiple PDF document! Hopefully visas don't get refused solely because of this issue!
  2. Not sure why you neglected to do so for finances, of all things. That’s probably the most important part.
  3. Hello,

    hope you can give me some idea since you've submitted your application. Am trying to apply for SuperVisa for mom's behalf online. For the medical insurance receipt, should I attach that on the invitation letter or where did you upload it? Also in the application online, am done uploading everything (application form, supporting documents) just maybe some minor changes if ever but I still can't see where can I pay or submit the application. I don't know how to proceed. The only button I can see at the bottom is 'exit questionnaire'. how do you submit the application after uploading all docs online? and also how to pay the $100 fee? thank you.
  4. You probably missed to upload some required documents.

    When all slots have been filled you should see the option to pay and submit
  5. @bellaluna
    I am an indian dentist. Completed my graduation in march this year.Now,i have to attend my cousin's 16th birthday and they have invited me for that..
    My uncle is himself a dentist nd is going to sponsor my whole trip.
    Could you plese lemme know the procedure for successful visa ,as i think i might have few demerits for visa...
    CONS-i am 23
    Completed my graduation 5 months back
    Not employed yet...as i am preparing for my masters..
  6. Afraid to say I cannot work miracles. In my opinion, there is no way for you to be approved for a TRV given your current circumstances.
  7. @bellaluna
    Agree with you ...
    But there must have been some loophole..
    Or anything you can suggest ???to make my profile strong....
    Thanks in advance
  8. Get a good job in your home country, stay there for a few years, travel to visa required countries, and work up to a savings account of CA$10,000.
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  9. Thanks .
    But i heard from someone that they allow TRV for recent graduates(graduated within 6 months ) . what do you have to say about this?
    What if person who is sponsoring me is very high tax payer in canada and is willing to sponsor my trip.?

    What if i show my parents and entrance exam at the end of this year as a reason to come back?
    Thanks in advance
  10. Birthdays and anniversaries are not compelling reasons to visit.

    Your uncle may eventually pay for your airfare and visit. It does not matter if he is a high tax payer. If you don't have the finances to fund your visit, it means you will overstay your visit. Your uncle will be a gracious host and you won't be inclined to return to India.

    Never heard of this. On the contrary, new graduates that are unemployed, don't have adequate finances and zero ties to their home countries, are more likely to be refused.

    Are your parents' dependent on you? I guess not. So they are not a reason for you to return to India
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  11. I already gave my opinion and it’s not going to change, but you don’t have to convince me. It’s the IRCC officer that you have to convince. IMO it’s your dentistry background + your having a dentist uncle in Canada that put you into delicate territory. How will you convince a visa officer that you won’t work for your uncle in Canada if you don’t have a job or savings in your home country?

    I suggest that you take the time to read this forum for examples and results of TRV applications.
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  12. Appriciate your help ,
    Thank you
  13. Not depedent.... But my dad is retired person and my mom is housewife and i am their only child....
    Is that gonna make any difference @Bryanna
    secondly i am a recent graduate dentist from india and thi degree is not valid in canada.... Can i mention anything like this?
  14. thank you for your response. does that include the optional documents' below? where did you attached the medical insurance proof? thank you
  15. “Optional” means “not required”.

    Am not familiar with super visa applications so I do not know.

    A missing required document is the only reason I can think of, unless someone else can figure it out.

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