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Study Visa January 2019

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sahilraj, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Anyone got their study visa approved for January 2019?
  2. No applied on 27th November 2018 and still under process. College already started. Have you got your visa?
  3. M still waiting classes are started already what to u do now ????
  4. i was told to differ my course to September Intake also no result yet on visa so have to wait for it.
  5. Have u contact with embassy ??
  6. In which embassy have u applied ???
  7. Yes through email and fax. they may respond in 15 days. Very unprofessional in a way to answer to applicants who paid fees and can't get reply
  8. applied from Ahmedabad VFS and file is at Delhi high high commission
  9. Now what you to do ???
  10. Just need to wait
  11. No :(
  12. Mine requires Additional Verifications which means more Background check and here starts the disaster since I'm stuck outta Canada
  13. My classes are started 14 Jan my deadline maybe it will daffer my smester
  14. Same

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