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Study visa international student


May 3, 2019
Hello ,

My name is Rahul and I have gotten an offer letter from congestoga college for Graduatecertificate course in supply chain management.

I am from India and I'm applying for September 2019 intake.

I have an score of 70 + in both my 10 th and 12 th exams.
B.tech in ECE -6.2 CGPA
ietls is 7.5 overall and L/R/S -7.5 W-6.5
I also have an history of 17 backlogs.

I'm worried about my visa application whether I will get it or not due to my history of backlogs.

I have financial ties to India as my parents have property and land.

I have written in my SOP that I plan to understand the supply chain methods in Canada and wish to return back and apply them in India but I'm afraid about my chances due to my backlogs.

I am yet to apply for Visa and every document needed is ready.

I have also written why I chose Canada , why I chose this college , what my immediate and future plans are and a ( not so good explanation for backlogs)
The real reason was I just didn't put in much effort for it.

Please advice on anything important I might have left off in my SOP.

Any other advice is very much appreciated because I'm really worried about my chances .

Thanks in advance.