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Study visa after 10+2

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sneh Kalsariya, May 14, 2019.

  1. Hello,
    I have 81% in 10th grade and 58% in 12th grade(Maths-45, Physics-33, Chemistry-33, English-69, Computer-73) and i am planning for jan2019 intake in Canada and also taken IELTS date(13june) and I'm sure for 7 bands, so am i eligible for computer science program in college? Which course should i opt with this academic score so that my visa won't get rejected. And what other thing i should do for my visa acceptal ? Can anyone please help me
  2. Just read the program's eligibility criteria for your intended program of choice. Check that if you meet the minimum educational requirements or not?
    Don't want to demotivate you but getting admission in Canada is highly competitive nowadays.
    If you found yourself eligible, make sure to address low percentage issue in your SOP.
    Good luck.
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  3. What if i choose a program which does not requires physics, chemistry and maths ??? Is now there any visa rejection chances if i apply to this type of programs?
  4. I don't think there's any program which doesn't require PCM as they are the base of your education.
    But still if you find any, you still have to convince VO for your marks, which won't be easy.
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  5. I applied for September 2019 intake got admission and got my visa within two weeks. My marks were not that great too. I scored 70 percent in 12th and only 42 in maths. Still i got admission in architectural technology in a pretty good college. I see you have pretty good marks in 10th which was the same case for me. If you have a good academic background before 12th it will help you alot.
    All programs related to science stream require maths in Canada. If you are looking for something without maths then there are colleges which have business programs without math requirement.
    Firstly, I would suggest that you build your resume in such a way that shows you are dedicated to study computer science. I did a 60hrs course in Autocad and an internship which showed that I am sure of the field I have chosen to study.
    Secondly, since your course is very competitive you need an
    excellent sop, a good ielts score atleast above 7 and an agent or a consultant to help you. I would suggest you hire one of each. If you are looking for agents IDP is one of the best and if they have a branch in your region visit them.
    Thirdly, you need a good financial status. Now, this is specifically for visa. I paid my full year tuition fee when I applied for Visa. It also helped that my father is in construction and I have a future when I return to Dubai. My sop this time was different and more specific towards out lining my future in Dubai. I would suggest that even though agents do visa processing you hire a Consultant because agents are very sloppy with their visa applications.
    Finally, don't be sure of your chances. Be prepared for studying in India or any other country. You can come study in Dubai marks dont matter here and education cost is similar to canada if not same. It is relatively easy to get admission and visa in Dubai and many colleges are just waiting for students.

    I hope you find my answer helpful.
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    Thanks it seems to be helpful. I've also visited our nearest Idp branch and they are also helping me.

    If i do some of the online couses related to computer like java, c, c++, etc from india befor applying visa and attaching that certificate's with my visa file than is that helpful for me that than i may not get visa refusal!! In the sense that i wish that i could get some computer related programs in Canada so if do some above mentioned courses from India so can they help me geeting some IT programs in canadaian colleges with less visa refusal chances.
  7. In short, now i have to focus on my IELTS score and on my SOP. Any other thing
  8. Yes, doing a course and a internship if you can manage will help increase your chances in getting admission in Canada and decrease chances of visa refusal.

    The other main thing is finances. Finances matter alot to VOs. If you have stable financial condition in your own country and good future prospects then you have no reason to not return. Returning back to your home country and supporting yourself in Canada without working these are their main concerns. The former can be justified in a SOP and the latter through GIC if you are going through SDS scheme.
    One very important advice I have for you is discussing your visa application beforehand with your counsellor. DO NOT LEAVE THIS TO THE LAST MINUTE. I suggest that your parents get information on visa while you prepare for IELTS. I lost an year of study because my counsellor had not given me vital information on visa application. So even before you apply to Canada discuss everything you can like the documents you need, your finances and stuff like that. Also don't believe every word these agents say. Always research before making decisions. Ask questions about your course on forums like these. Here people will give you honest opinions and real life experiences instead of agents who glorify everything.
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