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Study Permit Rejected twice, Need your valuable advice


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Oct 2, 2015
Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I need your valuable advice for re-applying for Study Permit.

I am rejected twice for the Canadian Study Permit.

  1. The first time, my file went to Canadain embassy located in New Delhi. I applied on 4 June 2017 and got a refusal on 24 June 2017.
Detail regarding my program:

College: St. Lawrence College, Kingston.
Program: Computer Programmer for Sep 2017

The reason for refusal:
Your proposed studies are not reasonable in the light of one or more of your qualifications, establishments, language abilities or your prospects or plans.

2. The second time, I applied for the same college with the same program and same intake. My file went to Chandigarh Canadain embassy. The reason for refusal:

Given your academic performance, your language ability in specified bands and considering your proposed course of study, your travel history and ties to your home country, I am not satisfied you would be a bona fide student and a temporary resident.

The other important thing, I wanted to share related to file is that my both parents have deceased and since then, I am living with my paternal uncle. We are two brothers and my elder brother is already in Canada on Study Permit. My uncle is going to pay my all the expenses related to study in Canada. Please help guys, Should I reapply the third time.
Thanks. Please give your valuable comments.