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study permit refused

Discussion in 'International Students' started by dongyu, Jul 18, 2018.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am a Chinese citizen. I applied my study permit while I was in the States. Now I am in Canada on a visitor's visa. However my application has been refused. the letter said the office is not convinced that I will go back to my country of residence after graduation. factors including

    travel history
    immigration status in country of residence
    family ties in Canada and in country of residence
    length of proposed stay in Canada
    purpose of visit
    employment prospects in country of residence
    current employment situation

    Did this ever happen to anyone? Can someone please help me with what I should next? Thank you so much. May God bless you.
  2. when did u apply ?
    which VFS ?
    when u received the refusal ?
  3. Hello aeshab

    Thank you for your reply. I applied while I was traveling in the States on May 28. Now I am in Canada. I just received the refusal today.

    Do you have any advise?
  4. Are u already studying there ?
  5. No I am in Canada on a visitor visa
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  6. What were you doing in the US? What proof did you show of your status in the US?
    They suspect you dont have strong enough ties to China to ever go back.

    Ideally you should apply from your home country and show strong ties through property, employment, family etc.

    I think also you application probably didnt make logical sense somewhere in terms of program/time or something.

    You can also obtain caips notes to get visa officers detailed reason for refusal, search the forum hkw to do that.
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  7. @bongoman: very accurately said

  8. Few questions to solve your mystery:

    Q1. On which date did you land in US?
    Q2. On which type of Visa you travelled to US?
    Q3. When does that US visa expires?
    Q4. You were in which country when you applied for Canada visitor visa?
    Q5. When does your Canada visitor visa expires?

  9. I was on a US B2 visa, landed in New York, expiration date 2026. 10.
    I applied Canada visitor visa in NYC in January 2018. it's good for 10 years.
  10. Thank you for your repply!
    Do you know how long it takes to obtain the CAIps notes?
    My school is starting in September 3. Is it possible for me to reapply and obtain study permit before then?
  11. You can reapply - however it may be quite difficult to get an approval since you are visiting Canada at this time. Best option is to return to your home country and apply from there so that you can demonstrate proof of ties and try to overcome the refusal reasons.
  12. I dont think you can apply from Canada unless you meet some very specific criteria, not sure.
    I think notes take 30-60 days so its unlikely you can make September.

  13. I’m sorry to hear about your refusal. WHen did you apply and when did you hear back from them?
  14. hi my name is rajwinder singh . i m apply for study visa . my bands are L6 R 6.5 W5 S6. and today i got a refusal mail from delhi immigration . its my first time when i apply for an visa . what can i do now ?

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