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Study permit query


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Jun 28, 2019
I applied for study permit at Manila visa office. I got a message today saying that my application was refused since I did not have sufficient financial resources.
But first, last week, I got a message from CIC saying that I need to submit a police certificate and they gave the deadline for that as August 21, 2019. So, I applied for the police certificate last week. Before even submitting that, they decided to reject my application. How is that possible?
Second, I submitted financial proof for around 65000 CAD (educational loan, the amount in the loan letter was in different currency, not in CAD). According to my offer letter, I need 25223 CAD for tuition per year and according to university website, I need 11000 CAD per year for other expenses. My financial proof satisfactorily exceeds that amount.
Can anyone (who applied at manila visa office) please let me know the reason for refusal? SHOULD I SHOW PROOF FOR 2 YEARS OR ANYTHING ELSE?