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Study Permit Extensions 2019 - Timelines

Discussion in 'International Students' started by captainarabiia, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Hi , anyone submitted their extensions lately ?

    Please write your timelines .

    Date Applied -
    Received Email / Confirmation -
    Background Check -
    Eligibility Review -
    Approved -

  2. Any updates @captainarabiia?

  3. I will be submitting mine on July 2 .

    Did you apply ?
    Share your timeline.
  4. Date Applied - 14th May
    Received Email / Confirmation - Yes
    Background Check - No
    Eligibility Review - No
    Approved - Not yet
  5. Date Applied - May 27
    Email Confirmation - Profile updated
    Background check -NA
    Eligibility Review - Started June 26
    Approval - Not yet

    Guys please tell me if i can proceed with the visa application using the approval pdf or should i wait for the physical copy.
  6. Proceed with which visa application? I think you mentioned you did not get an approval yet.
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  7. yup not yet approved...but i'm just collecting all documents and planning to apply for family along with my trv application.Thanks for the feedback.Yours was on May 14th right, so its actually time for approval...good luck..keep us posted
  8. Did you apply your extension with family? or was it a single application? They just send an approval email when approved, your actual study permit will be received in the mail.
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  9. The study permit extension was only for me.Ya.I am waiting for the approval email.When did your review start?
  10. My review did not start yet. its pretty random
  11. Date Applied - 3rd July 2019
    Received Email / Confirmation - 3rd July 2019
    Background Check - No
    Eligibility Review - Didn't Start
    Approved -
  12. Date Applied - 3rd July 2019
    Received Email / Confirmation - 3rd July 2019
    Background Check - No
    Eligibility Review - 3rd July 2019
    Approved -

  13. What does your eligibility review say ?
    Login and check !
    Sometimes they don't send emails at all.
  14. @captainarabiia it says "Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start reviewing your eligibility." :( Applied on 15th May

  15. That's strange , I just applied and it changed to reviewing eligibility within an hour.

    Did you call IRCC ?

    Your processing time passed 33 working days , after 3-5 days call IRCC or send a case specific inquiry.
    Since it says they're working on applications received on May 10, your application might be processed within a week hopefully !!

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