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Study Permit extension delay

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Evgeniia, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Hi! I read a lot of threads about delays of the document. However, I applied for my study permit extension on June 8 and still not received any messages. I called to RICC and they told me that my application is in a process and I need to wait until by the end of AUGUST. I a little bit worried because of a lot of people who applied after me, have already received their officer's decision. So, please, tell me that you are still waiting for your document, too ... it will make me feel better :(;)
  2. That's a long wait !!
    A lot of people applied around May , June and got approved within 35 days on average.

    Did you apply along with your family/spouse ?
    Co-Op ?

  3. No, I applied alone, but I need a Co-Op letter also... May be it is the reason
  4. Not really, some one got it recently and he applied with CoOp
    Are you changing program ?
    New program ?
  5. No, I continue studying.
    No, I continue studying....
    I am going to be on level 3.
    And I have really good grades my GPA is 4.1 out of 4.2 and my financial support is okay...:(
  6. Just got my extension approved .

    Applied July 3rd
    Approved August 9 .
  7. I have a quarry. Is there any problem if you apply for extension? Mine is also 1 year course.
  8. I can we apply during studies? I mean when we study 1 year program, what documents we have to submit?

  9. Once you finish your program , get LOA or enrollment letter for new course and apply.

    You'll need to provide bank statements at time of extension.

    Totally fine to extend your Study Permit .
  10. Thank you so much

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