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Study permit application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by chuck.v, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Dear everyone,

    I & my wife is now in Canada under visitor visa.

    My wife is applying for college (2 year program). If she got a Letter of Acceptance from college. Can she apply for study permit inside Canada (e.g apply online) provided we can prove we have sufficient funds to cover our stay & her school fee?

    Can anyone advise me?

    Thank you so much
  2. I'd say unlikely, below are the conditions you need for applying study permit in Canada.

    Applying for a study permit within Canada

    You can apply for a study permit within Canada, if you are 1 of the following:

    • a minor child in primary or secondary school
    • an exchange or visiting student
    • a student who has completed a short-term course or study program, which is a condition for being accepted at a DLI
    • someone who holds a temporary resident permit (TRP) valid for at least 6 months, or their family member
    • a spouse or common-law partner (and their family members) being sponsored to immigrate, who are:
      • in Canada, and
      • have applied for permanent residence, if eligible
    • a person with a study permit from a visa office abroad, and the permit was issued before you got to Canada, who wants to keep studying
    • the family member of:
      • athletes on a Canadian-based team
      • media representatives
      • members of the clergy, or
      • military personnel assigned to Canada
    • a family member or private staff member of a foreign representative who is properly accredited (90 days before or after you are no longer authorized to study without a study permit), or
    • a foreign national or their family member with a valid study or work permit, who wants to stay in Canada longer to study
    You need to apply to extend your stay in Canada as a student.

    Remember that you can’t stay in Canada after your passport expires. If you renewed your passport since you entered Canada, you have to submit photocopies of both your new passport and the stamp placed in your old passport when you apply.
  3. Hi shannon,

    Thank you for reply.

    I read that before on cic. However, I’m a little confused on the 3rd point.

    For example, if the college accept me, and they require me to take one short english course (2-3months maybe). So in that case, am I eligible to apply for study permit inside canada?

    I did the free tools on cic website and I chose I belong to one of the points above, then they suggest I can “Apply to extend your stay and remain as student”.

    But im not sure at all, i dont want to apply and get reject by doing wrong type of application.

    Is anyone here have a same experience like me ?

    Thank you,
  4. >For example, if the college accept me, and they require me to take one short english course (2-3months maybe). So in that case, am I eligible to apply for study permit inside canada?

    I'd say yes (no personal experience here), but you should first finish the English course, and completing it should be a "requirement" for your admission.
  5. Yeah I just want to be sure ahead. Thank you for your opinion.

  6. You know returning to your home country and applying for a study permit would increase the chances of it being accepted. Clearly if you were someone who wouldn't have wanted to leave canada would have stayed somehow illegally. But if you return, apply for a study permit and explain that while visiting canada last time you found this university quiet interesting and after researching about it you concluded that it would be perfect for your future career goals. The VO would be convinced that u r bonafide since you decided to return and apply for the permit. If it actually goes well you could even recieve a study permit within 2 to 3 weeks!
  7. Hi Erfan,

    Thank you for your opinion. Im pretty sure that going back home and apply will increase my chances. However, I’m just looking for someone who was in my situation before and so they can let me know how they dealt with it.

    Anyway, I agree apply from home always safe.

    Thank you
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