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Study permit application for Jan 2020 applied on September

Discussion in 'International Students' started by wpshuvo, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Hi guys, anyone applied for study permit for January 2020 on September and still waiting for the final decision?
  2. I applied on Sept 20th 2019
    Biometric collection letter: 24th Sept
    Biometric completed and updated: 25th Sept
    Medical Passed: 30th Sept
    After that no update since now.
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  3. My timeline is also same, waiting for decision since 30 Sept
  4. Applied Sept 18 paper based, no update as of today except for the details which is "Submitted".
  5. Last month people got their approval within weeks, I don't know why its taking that long. Anyway, keep us updated here. Thanks
  6. Yeah I know people who have got within a week. Let's hope for the best and wait :)
  7. Hi guys i want to share my timeline
    Upfront medical sept 10
    Biometrics submitted sept11
    Medical passed sept 28
    Correspondence letter oct 7
    Final decision APPROVED oct 8..

    Paper based application regular streaming
  8. Congrats! Where are you from?
  9. From the philippines
  10. Applied on September 20th and I’m still waiting for the final decision. It says that my application is in progress. They haven’t start reviewing my eligibility.
    Let’s hope for the best
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  11. When did you submit your application please ?
  12. My eligibility and background started on 30th Sept as well as medical got passed. From where did you apply?
  13. My application Ian being processed in Nairobi, Kenya.
    How about you ?
  14. I applied from Malaysia and I guess it will be processed on Singapore.
  15. Hopefully we’ll get an answer sooner.
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