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Study Permit Application Common mistakes


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Apr 24, 2019
1) Incomplete financial information
2) incomplete tuition payment information
3) incomplete solution for travel, accommodation and basic needs
4) Passport expiration
5) DLI type and LOA incomplete
6) No guardian for minor children
7) No criminal check
8) No explanation of special circumstances
9) No travel history
10)Language test/insufficient level (Some countries are exempt though)
11) Misrepresentation
12)Chosen the wrong program


Sep 11, 2020
I have a huge concern with number 12. Please how do i address this; i got an offer of 2 years diploma program to study nursing but my previous educational background was in Human Resources Management. I have paid my school fees but am worried about my chances of approval. Will a strong SOP help in such situation? Kindly advise. Much thanks.