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Discussion in 'International Students' started by sahani82, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    Can anybody suggest me the about student visa in canada ? i heard that it is very difficult to get canadaian student visa for nepalese student, Is that true ? i am really interested to study in canada.
    Can anyone suggest me how much money need to show to visa officer ? i have choosen humber college in ontario. there fee is 12500 USD per year . it is 2 year diploma level course. So much total fund i need to show to visa officer ? Can anyone suggest me please ? i really need help guys.
  2. Hi

    1. First year tuition, #12,500, $10,000 living expenses for a year, $2-3,000 for travel expenses, total about $24,500 Canadian are required for study permit.
  3. Thank you so much PPM . One more question, As you said i have to show 1 year tution fee + living expenses + travel expenses = about 24500$. These are for 1 year expenses right ? But my course of study is for 2 year. Can i work there ? If i work there could be income able to maintain my 2nd year all expenses ? And what is the procedure of PR settleman ? how many month after i can apply for PR settlement ? Waiting for your kind reply............
  4. Hi

    1. After 6 months of study you can apply for an "off campus" work permit depending on your marks. It allows you work for 20 hrs. per week during school year and full time during breaks. It is unlikely that you will earn enough to pay for the 2nd year.
    2. You can apply for PR under CEC once you have graduated and have worked at a skilled job for 1 year after graduation. If you qualify under any other PR program, you can apply when you qualify.
  5. Hey are you applying for this years september session.....just wanted to know if there is anybody applying for this 2011 september session .
  6. HI

    I will be applying for Sept session this year
  7. where are you from and which consultant are you using .you can even contact me in my yahoo mail or facebook its kkind of easier for me...
    do contact me maybe we could help each other out...
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  8. Hello PPM,

    You mention in your quote that just one year worth of funds are required for a student Visa. I would like to know the basis of your claim that just one year funds are sufficient, kindly clarify.

    Thank you.

  9. hey are you applying to canada for study visa for this year????
  10. Hi

    The Manuals are your friend. From OP 12

    7.7. Reviewing applicants for financial sufficiency
    Officers need to satisfy themselves that applicants have sufficient financial resources to pay their
    tuition fees, transportation costs to and from Canada, as well as living expenses for themselves
    and any family members who may be accompanying them, without the need to engage in
    Students are required to demonstrate financial sufficiency for only the first year of studies,
    regardless of the duration of the course or program of studies in which they are enrolled. In other
    words, a single student entering a four-year degree program with an annual tuition fee of $15,000
    must demonstrate funds of $15,000 to satisfy the requirements, and not the full $60,000
    would be required for four years. Officers should be satisfied though that the probability of
    funding for future years does exist, i.e., parents are employed; scholarship is for more than one
    year. Applications for extensions made to CPC-V must also meet this requirement.
  11. Helo.....my year 12 percent is 66 in science faculty and my ielts band is 6 (L-7 W-6 S-5.5 nd R-5.5) and i want to study advance diploma in chemical engineering in canada which is 3 year program. ....
    I want to know can i apply for for this program by above qualification. ...
    And how much i have to show the bank balance. ...?
    Please give me quick response. ..

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