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Students for January intake 2020 centennial college

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sreji, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Anyone applied for Jan 2020 intake centennial college
  2. Yes ...have u applied for your visa already
  3. I had applied for Sept 2019 intake since like Jan but recently got approved for Jan 2020 intake. However, I've accepted another offer elsewhere for Sept 2019 intake and already gotten the study visa.
    Best wishes to all!
  4. Wow..you already got your permit thats greatdo you have study gaps?
  5. 7 years actually
  6. As for me I applied to Douglas College and Thompson Rivers University beginning of June for 2020 winter intake, Douglas College was to send me an email this week regarding my application as they had promised but haven't received yet. I am worried. I have 9 years gap
  7. When did you apply to centennial for September intake?
  8. Congratulations. Could you please share your SOP? I too have 8 years gap and looking for help with SOP. My email is nitinich@gmail.com
  9. Wow i got ten...
  10. How many cash in canadian dollars did you show for financial statement
  11. Congratulations
    When did u apply for your study permit and what was the processing time
  12. I applied on April 10, submitted biometrics on April 17 and it was approved on June 5. The processing time for my country was 5 weeks but it took 8 weeks.
  13. Can you please share your sop to my email id ashwini.gowd08@gmail.com
    I am planning to apply for study visa next month for jan 2020 intake
  14. I have applied for mba and i have done my masters in computer science from usa and have 4 years of experience as a software engineer. It would be of great help to prepare the sop if you could share yours

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