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Student Visa

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Tolinda23, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Hi

    Can you please help me clear my doubts.

    As a background, we have two kids, currently in grade 5 & 10 and we are approx 45 and 42 years old. Our aim is to move to Canada inorder to secure a future for them. We have tried the options of express entry, but could not get into the pool as we were not meeting the CRS points which keeps increasing every time.

    We have 2 options and need your support if we can proceed with either one of them.

    Option 1:
    Obtain student visa for myself (1 year diploma) and have my kids join me in Canada and have them enrolled in the school.
    What type of diploma course could i enroll for and can I work while i am on student visa?
    Can my kids study while i am on student visa?
    After i complete my course and if I get a job, can my kids continue their education or in the event I do not get a job, would they need to move back?
    While I am doing / completed my education, can I apply for PR?

    Option 2:
    My kids enroll themselves as International student in the school and I join them
    Can I work whilst they are studying?
    Can I apply for a PR whilst I am in Canada? Would this option be made available?

    While I am aware that I have too many concerns around, want to understand your thoughts on this.

    Appreciate your help and guidance here.

  2. Option 1: You will actually have to convince CIC that you are a genuine student. Your choice of program and to return to school must make sense based on previous work and education plus family situation. There are no guarantees that family can join you on a student permit. Yes you can work on a student visa but you will likely pay more in childcare costs since course time will likely match your children school times. You still have to qualify for PR.

    Option 2: You may not be able to join your children that is not the intent of international student permits. You certainly won't be able to work. Not sure how this would help you qualify for PR if you don't qualify now.
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    Just to add to option 1 a student can only work for 20 hours a week whilst studying and full time during scheduled breaks..

    In your post from 1/2019 you proposed a business admin course but did not share your current qualifications or work experience both key in the determination whether a study permit gets issued. This in addition to showing attending such a course improves your prospects when you return to your home country.

  4. Thanks for the above detailed response.
    I am a banker with over 10 years of banking experience and have a graduate degree in the stream of Commerce (India)
    I have also tried for PNP, but this seems too far too. Would you know which province would be better and I would be eligible for?
  5. You will have to look at the various provinces but your age will remain a factor and general finance/business skills aren’t usually in demand there is often an oversupply. Unfortunately I’m not sure if Canada is a possibility. You seem to have a good job in India and likely a good lifestyle. Moving to Canada is not the best option for everyone especially if they good life in their home country.

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