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Student visa

Discussion in 'Health' started by Yoursfaithful, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone. Im 25 years old completed engineering and want to come Canada for further studies. But I'm HIV+ since birth and started ART before 2 years. Can I get student visa? If affirmative then after few year will be able to file PR with this medical status?
  2. You should research medical inadmissibility. If the cost of your treatment in Canada is going to be $6,500 or more per year, you can expect to be refused since your condition will place a burden on Canada's health care system.
  3. Does medical inadmissibility also apply to temporary stay categories such as students?
  4. No because they have UHIP.
  5. Good to know. Guess Scylla's comment was regarding PR then.
  6. Just wanted to correct myself. I guess UHIP is only for Ontario. You will have to check each province to find out who provides medical coverage for international students. It seems like it is often under the provincial plan. Scylla is right to say that the real issue is PR. There have definitely been HIV+ people who have been accepted especially as medication becomes available in generic form. It will all depend on your current medication costs and other potential health issues.

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