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Student visa with dependent

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Nil2121, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Me and my husband planning to move to Canada. I'll be on study visa so i want to know is there any way that we can go together? Or I have to apply after I move there in that case when will I be able to apply for dependent visa for my spouse and how much time will it take approximately. Pls give me detail info about process
  2. It's recommended to apply for your spouse after you start your studies in Canada. So that he can includes your enrollment letter and study permit with his application for better chance of getting SOWP approved.
    But still it's your wish.
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  3. After how many days I can apply for him from Canada. Is there any specific time or whenever I want?
  4. He can apply the day after you start your classes. To make the process even more faster just keep all the rest of the documents ready so that the day you provide him with copy of your study permit and enrollment letter, he can apply.
    And if there is option of upfront medical, get it done soon.
  5. Thank you

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