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Student Visa Extension

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Calmon, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, I tried looking everywhere and couldn't find an answer.

    Here's my situation: I just finished a 1-year program at Sheridan College (Arts Fundamentals) My visa expires July 31, 2019 and I want to stay in Canada, I'm still waiting for the applications I've made in other colleges but I'm scared that there won't be enough time to apply for an extension.
    What options I have here? I can't go back to my home country.
    I was thinking about applying for a visitor visa and then another study visa.
    I live with my girlfriend here and she's doing a 2-year program that finished at July 2020, we both wanted to come as students, but live together for more than 2 years, can I apply for the work permit related to her student permit?
  2. You can't apply for work permit related to her student permit. You have to individually apply for PGWP. If you haven't taken any break then you should be eligible for PGWP
  3. Why can't I apply for the work permit related to her student permit? I don't want to apply for PGWP because it would be only 1 year and it would cause me trouble to get the PR later on
  4. Which semester did you apply for and where? If its September pretty sure you should have a result by July 31, just prepare your package and apply when you get a LOA or if you dont then apply for something else in last few days.

    If you are saying you are common law married to this girl then you might get an OWP but those are not guaranteed and you will need to prove this marriage. Also you cant study on visitor or work permit, so depends on what u want to do.
  5. It's for september, 5 different courses, 3 at Seneca and 2 at George Brown.

    If I get the OWP I would work for an year and prepare myself to start studying next year, my doubt is, if I do that, and then take a 1-year program again, would I be able to get a 3 year PGWP? considering I've graduate in two 1-year program?

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