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Strictly Supervisa Timeline


Mar 20, 2020

I've had a hard time finding anyone at the consulate or VAC to answer any questions, but I think my situation is probably fairly straightforward for anyone who knows the system.

My wife (Canadian citizen, US green card holder) and I (US citizen) are considering a move with our two kids (one who has dual citizenship, the other whose paperwork is being processed) to Montreal that we would hope to complete in time for the 2019 school year.

My basic understanding so far is that my wife should apply to sponsor me through the IRCC and that we should simultaneously prepare a CSQ application that we would submit during the IRCC processing. After that, at some point I should apply for something in order to work. The last part is extremely hazy to me. I'm a teacher and would be interested in teaching in high schools or Cegeps, but know that I'm not a particularly attractive candidate without legal status to work. Nothing that I've read so far about Open Work Permits clarifies my eligibility (once you mention Quebec, all the online questionnaires end up sending me through an endless loop).

Can anyone explain this situation? Basically, what's the proper course for an American married to a Canadian citizen who wants to permanently resettle and work in Montreal supposed to follow?

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.