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Stone Business

Discussion in 'Start Your Own Business in Canada – Self Employmen' started by tarunshah, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. i would like to start a business of Marble Granite Stone & Ceramics in British Columbia. Please give me some assistance regarding set up procedures
  2. Are you already a permenant resident or citizen ? If not then you would need to pursue immigration first.
  3. I am a permenant resident. Please give me some assistance regarding set up procedures
  4. Are you looking to set up a quarry or just buy and sell?
  5. Hello all,

    Even I am into business of marble and allied and looking for business opportunities. I hv recently started manufacturing of upvc windows.

    Is there market for these products?

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    An interesting topic, is there a specific business plan for this case or is it just the idea itself for now? And then I would consider to begin with how much you need to invest and the current situation with this market segment. But it’s definitely worth a try, because a similar situation was with a startup Splento (https://www.splento.com/about-us), but the original kit will bring success without fail.
  7. There is a specific plan. Since the market is unknown I am looking for pepole in allied activity. I guess this is better platform to get network linked.

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