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Steps to get a Police clearance from Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by Shibu chennattu, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Gentlemen,

    I got the letter in Arabic from the Canadian embassy in Riyadh for Police clearance.The name and passport area in the letter is blank and I have no Idea where to start the process.Please advice.

  2. Hi

    See: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/security/police-cert/mid-east/saudi-arabia.asp
  3. police clearance in saudi arabia

    hi, can you guys please help me?I'm currently processing my permanent residence in canada and my husband need to get a police clearance from saudi arabia he's in the phillippines right now for almost 2years.Any suggestion where he can obtain police clearance from philippines to saudi arabia.please help us.I will appreciate your help.thanks a lot
  4. Hi,I just assisted 2 people to get the Saudi Police Clearance in Canada,FYI the embassy no longer does it but has a private contractor do it for them.Regarding the Police Clearance in the Philippines Same thing
  5. Hi Shibu,

    Hope you done your police certificate process until now. Please share the steps you did it.
  6. This information is useful,thanks!
  7. Re: police clearance in saudi arabia

    If you already finished your contract in Saudi Arabia and is no longer residing there then it is impossible to acquire a police clearance. Before they do have this service in the embassy but they have ceased giving police clearance to people who already have exited. One way to get a police clearance for those who don't reside anymore in Saudi Arabia is through the OUMWA. Sorry, I don't have their website but you can search using the keyword OUMWA on your favorite search engine. Good luck!
  8. Can someone help me please. I'm a Filipino citizen working here in Riyadh. How can I get Saudi police clearance? What are the step by step procedure? I'm confused now because other says I have to request letter from Canada Embassy and other say request letter from Philippine Embassy. Thanks.
  9. Just want to ask anybody who can help me out with my problem. I already received my approval letter from Manitoba. I need to get Police clearance from Saudi Arabia where I worked for two years. I researched through internet that I can get police clearance by sending some requirements. Two of the requirements mentioned are copies of my iqama and visa. Problem is, my iqama was taken by my employer in exchange of my passport when I finished my contract and the passport containing my visa was already destroyed due to flood (typhoon ondoy).

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