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Statutory declarations claiming our relationship is genuine

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Boracay, May 31, 2011.

  1. This is found on the country specific form "The Philippines"

    If you are a common-law or conjugal partner, provide evidence that your relationship is genuine and
    continuing and has existed for at least 12 months prior to your application, such as proof of
    cohabitation and proof of conjugal relationship. Proof of conjugal relationship may include but are
    not limited to the following:

    produce a minimum of two statutory declarations from individuals with personal knowledge of your
    relationship supporting your claim that the relationship is genuine and continuing

    This will be no problem for us. I'm planning on getting at least 2 notarized. Then 8 more others.

    2 Questions....

    1. Are there any sample formats out there on how we should word them?

    2. We will be on this tiny island we live currently live on for about 3 more weeks. Then the total time we have cohabited is about 10 months total. Then we plan on moving away and then we won't be near any of the people who have known us for the past 10 months.

    Do the people need to state that we are a genuine and continuing couple as best to their knowledge?


    Do the people need to state that we've been together 1 year (once we have done so)?
  2. They should state both that you have been living together for a year, and that in their opinion your relationship is genuine and continuing. They can also give reasons why they think so.
  3. Below is what I advised my friends and family to include... For common law partners I suggest they include a statement to declare their knowledge of your living with your partner (dates or how long, location, any visits to your place, etc)

    General information to consider including in your message

    1. A description of how you know either one of us (typically the person you knew first)...examples
    I am a friend of XXX, I was a co-worker of XXX, I am the sister of XXX, etc

    2. A description of how you became aware of our relationship, when you met the other partner, activities we participated in together, etc

    3. A statement to the effect that, in your judgement, we are in a real, loving, ongoing, genuine (you choose the words) relationship based on your personal knowledge and experiences
  4. great thanks so much!

    In your opinion would it matter if pretty much everyone said....

    I am a friend of xxx, I know they have been in a true genuine relationship for 10 months.

    (none can say they have know us to be living together for a year because we are moving)

    And then...we wouldn't have any sworn affidavits or letters stating we were together for the last 2 months but can back it up with other evidence such as photos, airline tickets, receipts etc

    I guess my concern is they ask for a letter stating people know us to be genuine for a year but in reality everyone we know can't possibly do that beyond 10 months

    What do u think?
  5. But you can keep in contact with the people who know you are in a relationship now, and maybe visit after the year is up so they can see you are still together. So then they can say they know you have been together for a year. They don't have to have seen you every single day.
    I wouldn't have them write they only know you were together for 10 months.
  6. I know I can keep in touch with pretty much everyone after we leave, it's just the notarized letters stating that we are together for xxx amount of time. But I think you're right, maybe we would have to come back here just to get those otherwise it's weird.

    That brings me on another point. Does it sound a bit suspicious that we state, we have been together pretty much exactly a year. All our evidence from photos to rent receipts to friends statements etc all stating we're together 1 year as apposed to 16 months or 4 years or whatever.

    Is it allowed that admit we have prior plans and knowledge that we must cohabitate for 1 year and collect so much evidence beforehand?

    To be honest with my current financial situation it would be so much easier to leave now to Canada, it's not easy to stay here. But I know that what's most important to me,....to us! Is to stay together forever. And if that means me staying an extra few months in Asia, even if it's extremely difficult, so that we can apply for her to come back with me, that's what I'm willing to do.

    However I'm worried that maybe the VO will see that as we're only staying together for immigration purposes.

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