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Discussion in 'International Students' started by dookie24, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. in status bar, after linking it with GC key.. ut shows that REGISTRATION PENDING. how much time does it take to chamge from pending registration to another.
  2. How did u link your application. I am trying with given name and family name. Please tell me how did you link
  3. what is your full name???? according to passprt
  4. what is your full name???? according to passprt
  5. Given name. Sandeep kaur
  6. Dont hv surname
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  7. have you received any uci or application number? nd moreiver you need to have info such as when your clases are going to start and end..nd dli no. of your institution..
  8. No i didnt get any uci. I hv offer letter for other info
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  9. no problem both can be written same... i did it without application number.. so chances are brighter.. rajinder.singh20 insta ..text me over there.. when did you applied your your file?
  10. no problem..you can try for 5 times in 24 hours.. its possible to link with gc accoumt... did you create gc key account???
  11. i applied on 18 march
  12. Yes i created gckey
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  13. SDS or general?? i applied on 15th of march
  14. Sds
  15. family name and goven name ch dono same hi lkhdo nd passport adress bhareo rather than place of birth

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