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Startup visa success rate?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by gamehero, May 15, 2019.

  1. I read an article today from 2016 suggesting the startup visa program had 2750 application but only approved 16. Does anyone have the figures for 2018 or 2019?

    I am in talk with a few sponsors to move my company to Canada and am close to signing a contract with one of them. I became a little concerned after reading this article for such a low rate of approval.

    Could someone please shed light on this?
  2. That article is incorrect or your interpretation is wrong. The SUV acceptance rate was 80% for the 111 applications received between 2014-2016. The recent years should have a similar success rate.

    The 2750 number was the annual SUV quota during the pilot stage and not the count of completed applications.
  3. Thank you. This is a big relief. :D
  4. Hello Gamehero,

    would you mind sharing your experience on that? I am a co-founder of a start-up in Dubai, we have a product and full-time employees.
    Any tips on what is the best way to on with this, I have communicated with few incubators and they ask either for an annual revenue or a high fees.

    Any pieces of advice?

    Thanks in advance.

    M. G.
  5. As of June 2018 ,

    total application application received by IRCC 448
    REFUSED 50 = > this simply shows refusal rate is more than approval in 2018. it could be even worst in 2019 as many immigration firms are asking for money and dealing with incubators to issue a Letter of Support which is in contrast with the nature of initial startup program. So, just heads up
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  6. Can't agree more, what lawyers are promising to do regarding help to obtain a letter of support from an incubator is borderline illegal but definitely highly unethical and immoral. Either those lawyers make empty promises and lie about providing any additional value-add for the many tens of thousands they charge for this "service" or they, in fact, collude with some unethical incubators to obtain a letter of recommendation when in fact without such lawyer the letter would not have been issued. It just sounds very fishy and strange to me. And yes, its totally in contradiction with the intent andd nature of a startup program. In another thread I also voiced my worries that many incubators seem to look for already revenue-generating businesses. That is not a startup nor has anything to do with building a business. It just means a low-risk entry to partake in the labor and fruits someone has already put in and invested. The service some of those incubators advertise to offer is outright laughable and that some incubators force a potential applicant into a costly contract with their legal "consultant" to handle all the legal paperwork is outright shocking. It screams conflict of interest, to say the least. Clearly CIC designated the inclusion of incubators in this visa process to fulfill the function of vetting a potential business. As such they should not even give the hint at issuing a letter of recommendation in exchange for signing up for a costly legal contract.

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