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Starting salary of a Professional in the PUblic Relations sector

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Meghna Beri, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. I am an international student from India who wants to do a post graduate diploma of two years in public relations and corporate communications. I want to know the job opportunities in the country after the completion of this course as a fresher. Will that be enough to sustain me there owing to the rent and food and transportation. I also wanted to know the cost of living in Canada so that I can be confident enough to go for this program.
  2. Nobody can answer this. PR is a tough industry to get into so it might take some time and you may have to do other jobs or internships. Due to the competition entry level jobs in PR don’t usually pay much bet you can always work a second job for example if you are doing an internship. Cost of living is extremely variable depending on where you live in Canada. Moving to another country always comes with risks.
  3. THANK You. I am also exploring the HR FIELD And I am planning to go for preferably 2 year programs with a co- op or an internship. Can you suggest me some good universities which offer Co-op programs in HR in Canada.

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