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Start Up Visa

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by HELDER, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Hi, I am a foreigner but I have the support of a Canadian citizen who is willing to be my partner/director or sponsor, if possible. Specifically in the Toronto region.

    my questions are:

    - Can I apply for a Start-Up Visa and have him be my sponsor?
    - Can he hire me as the manager/administrator without requiring an LMIA ?
    - Can he act as the designated organization or supporter for my application (start-up) In case I decide to go that way?

    I am trying to find a route to PR since He is willing to reopen the business he once had in Ontario before migrating to USA (Produce Imports/Exports). He wants me to run the Business in Canada as is it is also my interest to migrate and settle in the country. He currently runs same type of business in California and Baja California, Mexico.

    Does anyone have an idea of the program (if any) that best suits my purposes?

    Truly appreciate response in advance

    Thanks folks!
  2. Hi there,

    There is a list of designated organizations. You have to get support from one of the companies on the list.
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  3. As far as I know, you basically need to be accepted in one of the government approved accelerators/incubators, to be considered for the startup-visa.

    So the first step you both should do is to form a group, a pitch deck, and start applying to the accepted list of accelerators.

    Here's the list of these designated organizations (VCs, Angels, Incubaotrs etc) : https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/start-visa/eligibility/designated-organizations.html

    And overall other details are here : https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/start-visa/eligibility.html
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  4. Short answer to all of the above is no. Your friend cannot act as a designated organization. If you want to apply for PR through the Start Up Visa program, you'll need to get the support of a designated organization listed on the CIC web site. Only organizations from this list on CIC's web site are accepted.

    Your other option would be to apply through the Ontario PNP program through the entrepreneur stream. To qualify for this program, you must personally have a minimum net worth of at least $1.5 million and be willing to personally invest at least $800K into a business in Toronto.
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    Thanks to all very much for reply!

    Since he previously had that business running in Toronto about 10 years ago, will it be easier to get the support form Designated Organizations based on the history of his business and can we apply in partnership for that history/experience to be accountable?

    Also, since we'd be getting support from this organizations, will they be holding business with Us. For the type of business being, no capitalization or third party investing is needed.

    Again. Thanks to All for your feedback.
  6. One of the requirements of the start up visa program is that the business idea be innovative. So if your friend previously ran the same business in Toronto 10 years ago, my guess is that would work against you since the idea wouldn't be very new/innovative.
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  7. You have made a very good point, and makes sense as well. Although, it is a Produce Trading Company. The business has always had a high demand. I think I am miss understanding the Start-Up Concept. I will read all the description content again.The purpose is not really that complicated. He is a Canadian citizen and does not have an inconvenience to remount the business. The problem is that He only trusts me to be the one in charge of management and administration. But obviously I don't have a work permit for Canada-
  8. There are a few problems with your plan to apply for a start up visa. First of all, the business idea isn't actually yours. Secondly, you're really not the one starting up the business - your friend is the owner / financial backer. Lastly, he ran this business in Canada 10 years ago so I struggle to see how the innovative requirement is met.

    You're trying to use your friend's business to qualify for PR yourself. This isn't what the start up visa is for. It's for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start their own innovative business in Canada. That doesn't fit your profile. You want to come to Canada and run a business for someone in Canada. You're not an entrepreneur (your friend is) - you're just an employee.
  9. Indeed. From reading your replies, It is clear to me this is not the path to follow. And yes, his business is not an innovating idea. It used to be a well established busineess where he would manange his import exports of agricultural product from USA, Mexico and Canada. At this, point he wants to extend back in toronto and He desires to hire me. In a whole different scenario, Perhaps a partnership would seem more liable for the purpose. Geat answers. Awesome Forum !!!
  10. If your objective is to immigrate to Canada and become a PR - I would recommend you focus on researching the Express Entry program as a means of coming to Canada.

    A partnership doesn't help you in terms of immigrating or obtaining a work permit.
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