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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TooCareless1, May 19, 2014.

  1. Hi

    I wanted to know how much does the medical test cost?

    anyone know plz reply
  2. i think is a 12k rupees...that's what i heard from a friend
  3. FYI...i submitted a request letter in the Citizen's portal of our PM to make this process faster n more efficient.... n they have forwarded my request to the Canadian Ambassador...i wish it brings about some improvement in shaa Allah
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  4. Wow do you mean April applicant that file was transferred to London visa office or April applicant from other visa office?
    Am just concerned about April applicants that their file got transferred to London in July.
  5. it is the date when they receive your application
  6. yes london visa office
    it's on the Facebook group
  7. Please send me the group link.
  8. is there anyone who received a PFL from london visa office? and how long it takes to get a response back from LVO after submitting the response. I received a PFL on 22nd of October and submitted my response on 6th of November and they received it on 12th of November, but no response from them yet. i am October 11, 2017 applicants and i am so annoyed with this process, it is so disappointing
  9. Only 2018 applicants are happy. May we all get over with this soon Aameen.
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  10. Congratulations. When did you get your Pre arrival??
  11. My case submitted on.14 jan 2018.
    Medical done on March 2018
    Why not any answer yet??
  12. Visa is valid till one year from the date medical was passed (which would be within a week of medical test).
  13. Yes, April and May 2018 applicants are getting DMs and PPR.

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