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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TooCareless1, May 19, 2014.

  1. Hello for those who had interviews... What questions were asked?
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  3. Thank you. We got DM before pre arrival by a few hours.
  4. Well, a lot people got their application denied, because they didn't properly dress the issue(s) listed on the PFL. PFL can be issued at any time of the whole process, even after a successful interview. If you address the issue and the VO is still not satisfied, he/she can refuse your application on that ground. But don't be panic, when you receive this letter. They will send it to you, even with a small tiny stuff that they think is missing or not enough. This is one of their official way to communicate with you regarding your application, along with other ways. When you receive it, no matter what they ask for, small or big, dress it properly, and if it is necessary, consult with a lawyer. Because in most cases, it is your last chance to get your application keep going, never ever ignore a PFL.

    And I saw people here always talking about the genuine of relationship, please be aware that even you can demonstrate strongly of the genuine of your relationship, CIC can still deny your case on the ground of the marriage of convenience (Marriage is genuine, but the sole purpose of the marriage is for PA to gain PR). So put this in mind, when you prepare your supporting documents to prove both that your marriage is genuine and not a marriage of convenience.
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  5. Mashallah congrats
    I feel like June applicants are skipped and unlucky ;/
  6. I recieved mine after 21 days as well but have submitted again today after 2 days of receiving it.
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  7. All the best!
  8. Feb applicant
    Application sent Feb 8 2017
    Application received letter Feb 20 2017
    Application link to gc key March 1 2017
    Schedule A March 9 2017
    Sponsorship approval March 20 2017
    Application transferred to LVO March 24 2017
    Additional document request from LVO Nov 3 2017
    Additional docs submited withing 30 days
    Elegibility Passed December 28 2017
    Back Ground check and passed December 29 2017
    Medical Request January 2 2018
    Medical submitted January 16 2018
    Medical Passed and Passport request January 18 2018
    Passport submitted to Gerry's for Visa January 22 2018
    Passport sent to Abu Dhabi January 23 2018
    Passport Processed and Collect email January 24 2018

    Alhamdullilah this was the whole jurney i am over with may Allah help all that are waiting for their husband or wife's processing to be done Ameen
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  9. 2016 ..
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  10. Thanks hopefully they get their decisions too asap ameen are you 2016 applicant?
  11. I received mine before medical request its weired but yeah Alhamdullilah
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  13. Im 2016 applicant
  14. Mashalllah congratulations waiting period is over. Did you any time send in an email during the process
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    Got ppr on January 24th
    And passport sent to Islamabad visa office January 25th

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