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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TooCareless1, May 19, 2014.

  1. Addition Docs - November 3 2017
    Pre arival letter- Decemeber 29 2017
    Medical Request- January 2 2018
    Please update on spreadsheet admin thanks
  2. If you visit your partner during process its a positive sign and visa officers prefer that. So dont worry just go visit your partner and send the pictures to LVO. And whoever told you that if you visit they will put your file back on hold thats ABSOLUTLY A MISGUIDE
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  3. 7-10 months processing time.
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    What additional docs were u requested on Nov 3? Also plz let us know when u get re med done.
  5. Congrats! What date did u get re med done?
    Write native language the same as u wrote in the forms. You only need to put details of accompanying applicants.
  6. Thanks , I got remedical request on 12/19 and on 1/3 I got passport request. So I don’t need to put the detail my wife ( sponsor is in Canada) or need to put detail plz share what to do
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    I was asking what date did u go for the medical exam?
    No need to put details of the Sponsor. Only PA info in App A.
  8. They done full remedical due to expiry of previous one, I was asking whether to put sponsor detail in spouse column in appex a or not
  9. That's what i said: No.
    I want 2 enter re medical date in the spreadsheet. can u plz provide that?
  10. I was asked for marriage regeistered certificate dual in english and urdu which i sent with my file but for some reason they asked again a copy of it and, communication proofs. I sent my visit to pakistan pictures paasport stamp of entry in pakistan. Also some family pictures with date and time on it. And it is my first medical i never submitted upfront I received my medical request on January 2nd 2018 going to do it on January 11 2018. And hope fully insh Allah this might be the last step in my process insh Allah pray for all and pray for me as well everyone ameen
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  11. It’s 22/12/17 but let me know shall I put my spouse ( sponsor ) name in apex a or not
  12. NO. Only PA details shall put on apex A
  13. Ameen. Thanks, I have updated the spreadsheet. Do let us know when u receive any update.
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  14. I emailed LVO on Dec 08, 2017 for the status update on our file and I received the following reply today from them:

    Dear Applicant,

    Please be advised that this application awaits a full review in London. Once this review has taken place, we will be in contact.

    Please note that you may wish to consult our website for information regarding standard processing timeframes.


    Anyone please advise what is a full review? has the initial review already done?

    Our application was received on June 20, 2017 at CPC-M and transferred to LVO on Septemeber 12.
  15. Any of the applicants received pre arrival letter on 22nd Dec, got PPR already?

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