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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TooCareless1, May 19, 2014.

  1. Where exactly your husband went?
  2. This is his first medical, but when he went in for the first time which was October 11, 2017, according to my husband, they said that they wanted to look at his lungs more. He said he needs to come back on Oct 17, 18, and 19 again for additional tests. And then booked for an appointment on January 11, 2018 (which is exactly 90 days from his first appointment).
  3. City: Lahore
    Name: IOM Lahore Migration Health Assessment Center, Lahore
    Address: IOM Migration Health Assessment Center, Lahore,
    IOM MHAC, 70-H, (near D-Ground) Gulberg-III,
    Telephone: Call Centre #(UAN): +92 (051)111-466-472
    Spoken Languages:
  4. Ok. so the doctor will most probably have included this information in your husband's medical file and cic will know that one of the tests will be conducted in Jan next year. So what your husband can do is write an email to the cpc-m ( I am assuming that his file hasn't been transferred to London yet) and explain the situation with dates and request immigration to extend the deadline till after Jan 11, 2018.
    My FIL faced a similar situation and he was given a 3 month extension.

  5. thanks so much! I was so worried because i assumed medical was the fastest.

    where do we email them? Do we send a formal letter or do i just send an email
  6. Quote the application number, applicants UCI number and IME number in your communication.

    Where is your file at? How did u receive the medical request and who was it from?
  7. So, where exctaly in GCMS notes is it mentioned that " an interview is required". My cic states an interview is not required! but i got the notes and i need to make sure!
  8. Check the officers notes at the end of gcms as well as eligibility section.
  9. Look under eligibility section, if something like 'review required' or 'interview recommended' is written; suggests the possibility of an interview.

    I.e only if your file has already been gone through an initial review. You should also be able to find visa officers' comments in couple of last pages of your notes.
  10. A suggestion: It would be good if you could send the information/documents via mail/courier as well, just to be on the safe side.
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  11. Samlia, is there any progress in your file? December applicants have been receiving updates like medical or additional documents requests lately. Have you received any correspondence already?
  12. Nope there is no update on my case from CIC. I hope they send me PPR directly :)
  13. Hi ive already sent my application but i just realised now that i sent the form imm 0008 In the old version 03/2017 does it mean im going to receive back my whole application ??
  14. Can I ask what email address you sent these documents to? Do they expect us to use Case Specific Enquiry Web for or is there a different email I can send documents to?
  15. This is normal and soon you will get the letter for furtherance test from New Delhi India because all the medical panel And inquires comes from New Delhi.

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