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Spousal Sponsorship from India

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by bindhu binnu, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. I would like to know if my husband is Jobless so i cannot apply for spouse PR form India to Canada
  2. Yes he can sponsor you if he can show how he will support both of you in Canada. It would better if he has a job or gets a job during the sponsorship process.
  3. Thank You Actually he is in Search of it can he show his ex company pas stubs and offer letter
  4. He just needs to include his savings information. No need to show previous pay stubs or previous offer letter. He can update his status once he finds a job.
  5. okay thank you is their any possibility of rejections with out job as he is working for uber
  6. Working for Uber is a job. He should make sure he is filing his taxes correctly since many don’t realize that working for Uber is being self-employed. Some end up with huge bills at the end of the year. There is always a chance of rejection with any application but if he can show he can support his family without government help he should be fine.
  7. Okay thanks In further in his documents whether he need to keep his ITR Froms along with other supporting documents
  8. You can include whatever relevant documents please look at the guide for the spousal sponsorship application. I was referring to setting up your sales tax payments for Uber drivers. Some are not aware on top of paying your personal income tax.

  9. Thank You one More query As my husband is an permanent citizen in Canada simultaneously while processing the spouse pr can he apply for TN Visa as he is getting opportunities more in USA
  10. PRs don't qualify for TN visas and there is no point in applying to sponsor you if he plans to move to the US.
  11. I’ll add to that . Not only filing the taxes properly for being self employed, but it’s also mandatory to register and collect the GST/HST for the Uber Driving for the CRA
  12. Okay thank You..My TRV Visa has been rejected can i write a note to CGMS? should i reapply for visit visa again
  13. You will likely never get approved because you aren’t a temporary visitor. You want to live in Canada with your husband. You will likely have to do an Outland sponsorship and spend a year apart.

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