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Sponsoring fiance

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by wheronica, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    My fiance is a British citizen and I am a Canadian citizen. We are looking forward to getting legally married when he visits Canada next year? Would it be a problem? I'm looking to sponsor him after making it legal but he would like to return to the UK while he's waiting for the paperwork to come though.

    Could anyone suggest the best way to move forward with this ?
  2. You're describing an outland application. Get married whenever you want and then he goes back to the UK while the application processes. Perfectly normal.
  3. Thanks for the response.

    Wouldn't an inland application be better?
    Is there any way I can get a work permit while waiting for his PR so he doesn't have to be unemployed while we're waiting for his PR to come through?
  4. With inland he can apply for an OWP as well. It will take 4 months. This all requires you to be married or common law first.
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  5. Good luck for both of you !! I would also suggest that you start gathering the documents starting now ! It took us 6 months to get the required files ready to go ..
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  6. If you apply inland he has to remain in canada while the app is being processed
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  7. Thank you
  8. Is he not allowed to leave the country even for a few months if I apply for inland?
  9. No. If he leaves for more than a couple of weeks, IRCC may determine that cohabitation has ended, and refuse the application.
  10. Maybe outland is better for you guys. You also have to factor in the time to get the marriage certificate so it ends uo being more than 4 months until he gets his OWP. He can still visit you in outland he just can't work in Canada until PR.
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  11. If you do an outland app, you can go to the UK with him while the application is in process, you will be required to show you intend to reside in Canada when he obtains his PR. Just another option. Good luck.
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  12. Thanks
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  13. Hi Guys,

    I am just about to put though an outland sponsorship application for my now husband who's gone back to England.

    Does he have to wait until the pr comes though? Is there any other way I can get him a work permit while this is on process?
  14. Plan on it taking around a year to get PR.

    He may qualify to enter the lottery for an IEC visa if he's the right age - otherwise he needs a job offer in Canada and an approved LMIA to get a work permit.
  15. Thanks Scylla.

    Eeks one year. That seems like a long time.
    Is the IEc for people under 30?

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