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Sponsoring a newly Born Kid to Canada

Mar 28, 2018
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Hello Friends,

I am in a big confusion and need your help to advise me.
I and my wife have become PR of Canada in April this year (April, 2019) and have come back to India. Now after coming back, we got to know that my wife is pregnant and expected to deliver in early January 2020. WE, initially, thought to have the kid delivered in India, let my wife and kid stay in India for a year and I travel to Canada but after reading about the complications involved like-

1. Signing a declaration that the Sponsored kid will not receive government assistance until the expiry of 10 years from becoming the PR. Forgoing Child care allowance for 10 years seems like a big jolt considering the initial struggle involved in finding house and work.( I have read this declaration in the form I have downloaded from CIC's website)

2. Complication with respect to arranging the documents for a newly born child, specially, when I am in Canada and the documents need to be arranged in India.

What do you suggest? Will it be better to have the kid delivered in India or Canada.


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Mar 22, 2016
Others can comment as well but this is my understanding

1)Child benefit is not classified as social assistance which refers to things like employment insurance being claimed by the sponsor. There is a qualifying residency period for child benefit, believe is 18 months but check the website for eligibility.

2)given a due date of January time is short to decide given of course different provinces have different qualifying periods for health care, Ontario for example 3 months before qualify. So if you cannot meet the minimum residency you could be faced with birth costs which can be significant.

If you can move in time to meet any residency requirement then of course having the birth in Canada is the obvious choice to go straight to citizenship.

Having the birth in India not only means you can only sponsor as a PR whilst in Canada but assume the child will need an Indian passport as well to travel so extra paperwork in addition to PR.

Others in a similar situation have believe applied for a TRV for the new born and moved to Canada to wait on the sponsorship. However never any guarantee of TRV approval which could result in an extended time apart from family pending PR approval but you seem to already have that assumption.

As said above is only my view others may correct me or have different view/ suggestions. Ultimately decision is yours what works for your personal circumstances and taking into account any family support in India as opposed to landing in a new country without family support or maybe still job hunting. Extra paperwork may be small price to pay for piece of mind.
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Apr 7, 2015
Option 1. Move to Canada at least 3 months before due date and have the delivery in Canada. The child becomes Canadian citizen and no further problems after that.
Option 2. Have the child born in India. One parent (most likely Father) moves to Canada and then initiates PR sponsorship. The child can move to Canada after PR is approved.
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