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Sponsored Refugee

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by Mfumu, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Hi there
    Is there anybody applying as sponsored refugee by private sponsors in Canada case in Pretoria?
    I don't know if the time frame listed on the CIC website apply for these kind of cases or not?
    Me and my family has been approuved and interviewed since November 2009, then December 2010, Pretoria confirmed that our application has been accepted and promised the resend the medical forms (first one got lost by SA Post office). Until now, nothing has arrived yet and no words from Pretoria either. We're still waiting for medical forms. Is there anybody with similar case in Pretoria?

    Please share your experiences to calm our nerves.
  2. Well i Applied under private refugee , i already gave the interview before one year , still waiting response from the canadian embassy , i don't know weather they approved my application or not.

    let me ask you one question , when they approved you application during the interview or later on .?
  3. Hi Abdi, I'm glad to hear that you're as well on the waiting list. My boat!!!
    At least we can share our frustrations, our sorrows and our waiting experiences.
    Well, before the Visa Office called you for an interview, your application must be approved then an Immigration officer will schedule an interview with you. It's now he/she who will decide if you are eligible to resettle to Canada or not following the answers to the questions during the interview.
    Normally, the only way you would find out if you've passed the interview (was told to me) is when the Visa Office will call you (or send you) the forms for medical tests and request the Police clearance certificate.

    You said it has been one year since you've done the interview? That’s a long period, almost the same as in my case. (was interviewed on Nov 2009, called to arrange the medical test Dec 2010. They said they mailed me on July, but I never got the mail)

    What is your visa office?

    All the best
  4. Hi
    Thanks for the useful information really appreciate that .
    I applied from UAE Abu Dhabi office .
  5. Noted.
    My pleasure

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