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sponsor parents to Canada 2019

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lanxingma, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. I am so glad that we got in last year. I don't think I can type that fast with all the address fields in separate boxes and so many drop-down.
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  2. First come first serve is still the better system. The peope who are more prepared and have invested resources will get in over those who are lazy ignorant and stingy.

    If it means enough to you to sponsor your parents please put in the effort time and or money.
  3. Hello Everyone,

    Does anyone know what exact time/minute did,
    The interest to sponsor form 2019 is closed.

    Just trying to find my spot in the submission queue.

    Also does anyone know how did they generated the confirmation numbers??

    Please share your thoughts!!!

    I checked back in to see if the form was still available at 9:12 AM PST, and the form was already closed.

    Thanks and goodluck to everyone.

  4. Not saying that the lottery system is better... It was a surprised that we actually got picked on round 2 last year. Cos we lost the hope after not seeing ours in round 1.
    In either case, you need to be prepared and know what you need to do to bring parents/grandparents to Canada.
    It's more than just the immigration application.
  5. Oh we are prepared. My parents are way more wealthy than I am.

    I dont believe in leaving important decisions and plans to a lottery.

    Imagine if job applications were a lottery? Promotions? Business decisions?

    Seriously? It is demeaning.

    Why not have government decide what to spend on on a roll of a dice?

    Trans mountain pipeline? Roll a dice.

    Come on.
  6. As I stated, I don't like lottery too.
    You need to prepare them more than just money. Like integrating them to the community and getting familiar with life in Canada. It's more time and effort than money for some. And money for others.
  7. Anyway! We wait and share valuable experiences for next year! See you guys in 2020
  8. Hi Guys, I need help, I was managed to submit the interest to sponsor form for 2019 PGP but I just heard from someone that if I've sponsored wife/ common-law partner then they can't be co-signer for 5 years, now I am confused as I got Express Entry Invitation 2017 March and got pr in May 2017 and I've included my common-law partner(who was already in Canada from 2015 and was on Open work permit after the student visa) and now, I am wondering that is she called sponsored or not ? and Is she eligible to be my co-signer or not?

    Please advise.
  9. She was NOT sponsored. She was a dependant.
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  10. No you are fine. Someone is getting confused. Think they are referring to the rule that you can't sponsor another spouse for 5 years after PR if you divorce/separate as someone who has been sponsored previously by a spouse.
  11. Thank You Guys, That clears my doubts

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