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SOWP inland query about application documents

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by cheire, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Hey friends, my brother wants to apply for work permit, his wife is international student started college this month.
    He is on visitor visa in Canada
    What documents he need to apply for SOWP in Canada?
    He went to immigration consultant and everybody is saying about so many documents that he needs, bank account details from india , marriage pictures and so many other things
    If any body who applied from canada for SOWP can help us
    Thank you in advance
  2. Hello, Did u sort out this issue? I have the same query.
  3. Pls did your brother finally apply and what documents did he submit pls
  4. Yes he applied, and got it
    Marriage certificate
    Letter from college
    Marriage pictures
    Details about their joint bank accounts
    And all regular stuff
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  5. My spouse got study visa and she will travel to Canada by mid of August. I would like to accompany her. But I am in confusion whether to apply for a visit visa and then inland SOWP or should I apply for SOWP. My main concern is I have to sit at home doing nothing in Canada until I get my SOWP and start working. Can experts advise me here?
  6. You should apply for SOWP now. You are likely to be refused for a TRV because you aren’t a temporary visitor. Spouses of international students aren’t guaranteed a permit or visa so you will have to see if you get approved.

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