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Software Engineer just laid off.


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Nov 15, 2019
I have worked as a permanent employee at a company in downtown Toronto for 11.5 months.
I was notified 2 weeks ago, that my position was being terminated without cause.
The termination was a shock to me, and something that I felt may damage my chances at apply for CEC.
When I was leaving, I told them that I was just 2 weeks away from having 1 year's work experience.
So, the amended my termination letter to say that I am working notice, until the day after the anniversary of my starting at the company.
I haven't really been working the last 2 weeks, and I intend to get a new job, work a couple of weeks there, then apply for CEC with that extra experience.

I have emailed the company on Thursday night, since I realized that I didn't have access to my payslips, and I was in general curious about the procedure by which they would deliver my T4. I haven't heard back from them on Friday. I am generally an anxious person, and I have started to worry Friday and this weekend, that perhaps after me leaving, and signing a release and severance, they may not respond to my communications from here on out. Now, I don't have anything to indicate that they have done that before, and the nature of my inquiries are valid and neutral, simply asking for documents, but I do worry that they feel that they don't have to communicate with me ever again. Is this something that could happen?

I have not asked them for a letter describing my NOC duties, or whether they will be a point of contact. I had told myself that it would be a bit much to ask for that soon after leaving since I had already a lot of coordination to return signed documents to them etc. I feel like I should approach them with a template letter, describing my duties as a software engineer, and send that over to them to sign, and the HR can just be a point of contact. Can anyone suggest what a letter like that should look like? I vaguely remember from somewhere that you can't just take the bulletpoint description under the NOC and put it into a letter, you need to make it more wordy and unique. Is that true?