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Soft landing questions for U.S. citizen/family class

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by mbattle95, Dec 4, 2019 at 5:25 PM.

  1. Hey friends

    I'm a U.S. citizen who is planning to do a soft landing at Toronto Pearson at the end of December. I have some questions, and I realize these may be painfully stupid questions:
    1. I know I need to declare goods I'm bringing and goods to follow. Do I need to declare every single thing down to like the tooth brush and toothpaste type stuff? Because I honestly don't remember how much every single thing I'm bringing costs. I plan on going up for two weeks at the end of December/beginning of January to land and spend time with my husband and then in the spring when I do my official move, driving back up with all my stuff. So how should I format my goods that I'm bringing/ goods to follow list? I know I need this when I'm doing my soft landing, and I'm not planning on having anything shipped. If any of y'all can even link me to where I can find this info if you don't have an answer, it would be greatly appreciated!!!
    2. Do people immigrating through a family class spousal sponsorship need to show proof of funds? Or what do we need to show specifically, like a marriage certificate or anything of that nature? Again, if no one has an answer or can link me to somewhere that answers this, I would appreciate it.
    3. As a U.S. citizen, I'm leaving before I receive my PR card, so will I need a PRTD to return back to Canada? Theoretically I'd like to have my husband fly down with my card so this won't be an issue, but just in case, I've read that U.S. citizens can travel with the strength of their passports alone as Canadian PR's (before getting their cards) but I'm not entirely sure. Would like to check this with someone in the forum.

    I appreciate any helpful information y'all have or any links you can send my way that answers any of these questions!
  2. My wife landed on Nov 22 and she's a US citizen. She didn't bring her toothbrush with her, neither the toothpaste.
    As a US citizen, you don't need a visa to enter Canada. So when she landed the officer stapled her COPR to her passport, stamped it and wrote permanent resident and date.

    Since then, we went back to the US for a visit and came back, we just gave them her passport on the way back and the officer looked at the COPR and let us go. This was through land tho. We live on the border of Michigan and we go to the US at least once a week. Actually, on our way back, we did some black Friday shopping and bought a TV for 1000 USD and the officer was like I'm not gonna send you in to pay taxes, she gave us a break, which was really nice :).

    We gonna try to bring the toothbrush and her toothpaste next time we come back.
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  3. 1. You don't actually have to declare your goods until you are coming to Canada to settle. You can group like items together, i.e. toiletries, $20, clothes $300 etc.

    2. No proof of funds, no marriage certificate. COPR and passport.

    3. No, you don't need a PRTD. You heard correctly for US citizens.
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