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Soft Landing of 6-7hours

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by akasharda, Oct 26, 2019.

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    I have received COPR and planning to do a soft landing. I am moving with my wife and less than 2 years son. The validity of the COPR is till feb. So, it is difficult to move to canada in such a short duration.

    I am planning to land at Toronto from London and take a return flight after 6-7 hours. This is primarily to avoid my son to adjust multiple times to different time zones (roughly 6 hours).

    I am concerned if a soft landing of 6/7 hours will create any issue at the immigration or my PR status.

  2. No issue.
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  3. Some people have a few weeks to move. 3-4 months is plenty of time. Both your wife and child also need to land before February or you will need to sponsor them again. You mention adjusting to time zones but only mention you landing. Would highly discourage taking 2 long haul flights with a toddler unless your child have recent experience and you know they do well travelling. Both you, your wife and your child may end up in tears if you spend 2 flights walking the aisle will a screaming child who refuses to sleep. Toddlers tend to go pretty crazy when they are confined and out of their routine.
  4. Which ever way you look at your child is going have their routine disturbed both with the 8 hour flight over ,with sitting in an airport for 6-7 hours and with the return overnight flight assuming that even leaves on time. If were me I would plan to stay over one night and keep the childs routine much the same in terms of meal time/sleep time. Highly unlikely the child is going to suddenly flip their routine to Toronto time in 24 hours, I mean do not know about you but generally takes me a few days to adjust not just 24 hours.

    Ultimately choice is yours as is your family but as per Canuck78 after an 8 hour flight,6-7 hours in an airport that is going to be one tired irritable toddler I would not want to be sitting near on the flight back.
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  5. thanks for the inputs. I understand the health concern about toddler but thought about.

    However, my larger concern on the any future immigration or future PR status, i understand that there would be no challenge.

    Thanks for your responses. Really appreciate.
  6. As already stated, no problem at all doing this. 6 or 7 hours should be enough time to land regardless of the line up and catch your return flight.
  7. You should have enough time but remember you will have to go back through security again so you’ll need to arrive 2 hours before your departure time.
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