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Soft Landing Doubts

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by pfaco, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. Hello Guys, hope everyone is doing fine.

    I'll land next week in Canada and will stay for 20 days. The permanent move will happen within 1 year from now, depending how fast I can settle my situation in home country.

    I got a couple questions and hope someone in the forum can help.

    1- We are a family of 3. Since we are just staying for 20 days we will take 2 thousand dollars and will have our credit cards. Hotel and flights are already paid. I will take bank receipts from my local bank (not in english). Is that OK or I might have problems with the immigration office?

    2- Since we are not moving now we don't have a list of goods to import. Will there be another opportunity to give one to them? Should I prepare a list with the goods I think I will bring to Canada when I move permanently, even though the list will probably not be what will be imported in the end? Not a problem if the goods take more than 1 one year to arrive?

    3- Is it OK to say to the officer that we will be doing a soft landing? Or should I simply not say anything unless asked?

    4- I plan to give a friends address for PR card. And get it later by Fedex. Is that reasonable? Again, is it OK to let the officer know about this strategy?

    5- What other documents or preparations could be done in the 20 days time frame? Do you guys suggest opening a Canadian Bank account? I'm thinking about skipping it for now to avoid paying monthly fees. Or is there any free plan?

    Any hints and commentaries are very welcome!

  2. I got another question, do I need to make an appointment for the landing interview process? I mean, do I need to tell CIC when and where I will arrive? Asking because saw some people in the forums asking about something similar. Thanks.
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    1. Most people are not asked for proof of funds. But showing foreign bank statements will be sufficient. The money itself that you are carrying will be sufficient for 20 days (depending upon how lavish you want to live :) )
    2. Yes, you can provide the list of goods later or alternatively you can prepare a list as 'goods to follow'.
    3. Yes, that's fine. The only problem is that sometimes some officers refuse to apply for PR cards in case of soft landing. You should not lie to them in any case. If you run into such an officer, you will need to apply for PRTD in your home country in order to return.
    4. Yes, that's fine. No need to mention this unless specifically asked. Just tell them the address when they ask for address. See 3.
    5. Getting SIN should be sufficient. Some people suggest that opening a bank account will make CRA think that you are a resident for tax purposes and you will have to file taxes in Canada.


    BTW, 'doubts' is not correct. Use 'questions' in this context.
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  4. You "land" at the first Port of Entry in Canada, by informing the primary line CBSA officer of the request.
    You will then be sent to secondary immigration to complete the landing process.
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  5. Thanks! It was very helpful. I also enjoyed the grammar tip. :)
  6. Hi, please share your landing experience and answer all your questions

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