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SNIP EE online applied on July 5th 2018 >>>>

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sapens, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. SNIP EE online applied on July 5th 2018 connect here .
  2. Can anyone tell how long it will take to update status from "Application Received" to next level ?
    And how long it will take in total for completed process ?
  3. Hello,

    I also submitted my SINP EE application on July 5th, 2018 and have not heard anything from them since then. The status was changed to "In process", the invoice tab disappeared, and no more update. That's quite a wait.
  4. since how many days the tab has disappeared for you??
  5. Hi, I did not remember. Maybe 3 weeks after AOR.
  6. I also applied on July 5. The application status is in process. Nothing changed since
  7. The (promised) maximum processing time was 23 weeks. Now it is extended to 29 weeks. That's a tiring wait.
  8. A guy posted in a group on facebook, applied through Nova Scotia PNP, took 4 months to get nomination. SINP was said to be quickest but not so true.
    Finally got my pr . noc 2171
    Dec 2017 - applied ns pnp
    April 20- pnp approved
    May 14- ITA
    May 25- med
    Vienna vo since June 7
    Ndvo oct 24 - ppr request
    Oct 25 - submitted
    nov 14 -copr
  9. 6 months, no news yet :(. Even my EE profile has expired ... I will not renew it until getting ITA from SINP.
  10. I wrote an email to SINP inquiring about the progress with my profile which exceeded the promised processing time of 24 weeks. But no reply yet :(.
  11. Has your invoice reappeared ??
  12. No, it is still hidden.
  13. Hi everyone
    How does one know if his/her file has been transferred to province investigation unit (PIU).
  14. I think we don't know. It only shows as "in process". Keep waiting until getting an email from them asking for additional docs or telling a final decision.
  15. Thanks for the response. I have already gotten email requesting for additional docs twice with regards to my employment records. Although I have responded to all the additional documents request.

    SINP OASIS Online submission-Dec 1 2018
    AOR 1- Dec 18 2018
    AOR 2- Jan 7 2019

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