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Should I get a Graduate Certificate after my masters?


Sep 19, 2019
I'm a 26M (not American) with a master's in Mechanical Engineering from the US. I tried my hand at an unfortunate Ph.D. in the same field and I hated it, quit, and temporarily relocated to my parents' house.

I spent some time figuring out what I want to do and I landed at Business Process Improvement. I want to settle in Canada because I really like the lifestyle and opportunities there, plus I have family there. I'm working on a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, and as per my family's suggestion I browsed potential graduate programs I can apply to for learning about the field. I found a program called Strategic Management which is a graduate certificate program exploring different aspects of business management over a timeline of a year, such as economic analysis, financial management, stakeholder management, and operations management.

I'm confused about whether to actually pursue such a program- I feel such a grad certificate will blend well with my master's in engineering to get me the formal introduction to management and I can directly seek the work experience I'm aiming for in the country. Could anyone please share their thoughts from a career perspective and/or immigration perspective? I read on the forum that it might be difficult to get a student visa for a graduate certificate program after already having a master's.

Any feedback would be highly valued, thanks in advance!!