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Should I do 2 year undergraduate Diploma even though I have completed my BCA in India?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by canadastu34, Jul 14, 2019.

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    I got admitted to 2 year undergraduate Diploma course in a community college after my Bachelors in computer application(52%), should I enroll in it? My IELTS band which I received is overall 6 (W-5.5, R-6, S-6, L-6).
  2. You will likely have difficulty getting a study permit. Your choice of programs must make sense based on your previous education and work history.
  3. i can safely say that theres a 99% chance they will reject you for its very clear your proposed course of study is irrelevant to your career right now especially when you already have a bachelor. your poor english scores wont help as well.

    and the visa official will certainly think you are trying to stay on in canada and you are just using an excuse to do so by claiming to study
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  4. I also got enrolled in ug program after bachelors
    I didn’t thought much before applying as the majors looked good and got attracted towards them and didn’t research much.
    Now few days ago i got to know it is not an pg program
    What should i do
    Strong sop?
    What should i write in that?
  5. why not withdraw and enrol in another pg programme in the same field? unless you have a strong reason not to do so?

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