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Should I be pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Canada?

Discussion in 'Education' started by ImmigrantVL, May 17, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I am 23 yo, came into Canada as an International Student almost 6 years ago and graduated with a 3 year advanced diploma from Ontario College in 2016.

    Currently working in Supply Chain as an Analyst and making over $50k a year 2 years in.

    I got my PR in January and currently wondering if I should work towards getting a Bachelor Degree in that field in order to get better career opportunities or I should just better focus on gaining experience and getting promotions in the company?

    I do not plan to become a C-suite executive in my career, just wanna reach like $80 - 110k per annum income level in my early 30's, and then concentrate on other sources of income.

    I would like to get some insights from you guys. Really need an advice as I keep hearing completely different points of view from my sorrounding.
  2. Most jobs higher than entry level in Canada today require a bachelor's degree of some sort. It would likely be a good idea.
  3. But What about experience? What if i have a diploma + 3 - 4 years of experience vs. someone with a Bachelor and 1-2 years?
  4. Depends more on the job. But not every job says "a bachelor's degree or an equivalent level of education and experience."

    Sadly these days, a BA is basically a high school graduation certificate. It's more or less mandatory. An MA is the old BA.
  5. At least my diploma is specific to my field and got some co-op experience behind my belt as well... what is the deal? Why they want to prefer somebody's overpriced Degree to other candidates experience?
  6. Because of something called grade inflation and credentialism. It's stupid, but it is the dominant trend these days to require a bachelor's degree.

    Not every job will require a degree. But even for jobs that will accept you based on your experience and not the degree, you may find you are paid on the low end of the scale at first.
  7. Yeah.. I heard something like that... It is time to think about starting off a business or get some more valuable connections I guess...
  8. Or see if you can get credit for your diploma from a university. They may give you credit for the first two years in some cases.
  9. Honestly... they are trying to rip me off.. giving me 3-4 years to finish, offering extra courses that cost $$$. What is more, while I was resolving my PR stuff, some of my courses got a bit old as I started in 2014, and I was advised that the credits will not be granted fro those..
  10. Well, you're required to take extra courses to finish a degree if you only have a diploma.

    Is your university a private, for profit institution?

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