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Should apply online or offline for visit visa?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by lmk, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. In online application limited space is available to upload documents So what are the list of necessary document one should upload in online application for visit visa???Plz any expert guide me
  2. There are free online programs to shrink file size and merge PDFs. The list of documents has also been discussed many times on this forum: it really depends on your purpose and what you have to present.
  3. Thanks Bellaluna
  4. I applied online for my parents and sister for tourist visa in Canada. I am the one who's inviting them but in online application they only ask for letter of invitation from me and the rest are all requirements of my parents and my sister. im just wondering where to put my supporting documents like T4, Notice of assessments, bank statement etc. so i can show the CIC that i am providing everything for them. Do they usually ask for other documents once you already submitted the application? Thanks!
  5. No, there are no additional document requests after submission.

    You can include those documents under the Invitation Letter portion, or separately in the optional Letter of Explanation section.

    It is designed that way because the onus of showing funds to support the trip is really on the travellers themselves.
  6. Thanks for your reply.. im just worried coz i didnt include anything except for the letter of invitation.. i didnt know that i could include my documents under invitation letter..Do you think that could be a reason for them to deny the application?thank you so much.
  7. Which one is better for applying online or offline for student visa and online or offline which process comes fast visa?
    Thank you in advance
  8. Do let me know if you receive any update on your question.
  9. Okay..any idea about the question?
  10. Hello,
    you can call CIC and just let them know, you forgot to add few documents. They can give you option or you can send IRCC Web form.

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