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Sheridan January 2020

Discussion in 'International Students' started by tarsemjassar777, May 31, 2019.

  1. When will the college start granting offerletters for January 2020?

    Has anyone got offerletter yet?
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  2. Sheridan is generally late in giving offer letters. You might get it 2-3 months before classes start, some have got it months and days before their program starts.
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  3. Hii....I got offer letter for janary 2020 intake
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  4. For what program? Where did you apply? ontariocolleges?
  5. Chemical laboratory technician
  6. I got offer letter on 28th may
  7. did you apply online?
  8. Yes
  9. Hello evry one.
    I applied to sheridan clg on 20 june in Bba(accounting) for sept intake 2019 bcoz it was still open. But as i have not received any offer letter yet my agent said that the schl will automatically issue offer letter for jan intake. I have also applied to seneca clg on 17 june, but have not received anything from there too. Should i apply to one more schl or wait?
  10. I applied on 12th of June in Sheridan Davis campus(in IT related courses)..but still not getting any offer letter .
    It's been 2 months now.
  11. Bro I think in the last week of August sheridan will start issuing LOA for jan intake.
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  12. I applied on 26 july..how much time does it will take to receive offer letter?..Moreover I haven’t received any mail regarding tracking id!! Do you guys receive any tracking id mail or anything else from Sheridan?

  13. Bro if you have applied through an agent, it is possible that they may created their own email id by your name.......sometimes agents apply through an intermediary as in my case bcoz 'applyboard' is my intermediate in that case only applyboard can connect college.. nd student doesn't receive anything regarding application on his personal mail.....but u can know ur application status by sending an mail to college requesting the same. Do include your college id number or simply u can provide information about ur name, course, agent name, and date of application submission.
    Clg will provide u with ur application status on the basis of this information.
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  14. But I applied myself through my own account..i just want to know is it necessary to receive mail from college regarding tracking id or anything else?

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