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Sevis terminated by DSO, will this affect application for B1/B2 tourist visa in future?


May 8, 2019
Hi, i am currently on F-1 visa and i am enrolled in a Day-1 CPT school. As part of the requirements, attendance to residency classes is mandatory however i have decided not to attend since i’ll be relocating. I know this may lead to termination of sevis for attendance violation? Has this ever happened to anyone here? Is this negative? And can one re-enter the US or will it affect one’s record when i want to apply for a tourist visa into the US?

PLSSS! THIS IS URGENT, share your experiences?


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Apr 7, 2015
This is not a US immigration forum.
Day 1 CPT school is a red flag.
Are you moving out of the US? - If so that's fine. SEVIS termination is irrelevant in that case. If moving within the US, you need to apply for change of status or otherwise you will become illegal.

If you plan to apply for B1/B2 in future, do prepare a good, truthful explanation of your past travel to US.